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Gupex air handling unit with heat exhanger
Air handling unit with heat exhanger
External ducting
External ducting

GUPEX manufacture and sale our own air handling units and air-to-air heat exchanger of av plastic composite material. We produce air duct systems (glassfibre, sandwich, plastic or steel) , hoods and housings made of corrosion-resistant composite sandwich material, which is especially developed for corrosive and moist working environment with or without dust.

GUPEX designs and manufactures a unique air-to-air heat exchanger made of glassfibre composite plastics. It is suitable for the most challenging environment and can work in temperatures up to 140°C, The heat exchanger can be delivered in many different variants, from a bare exchanger package to a complete air handling unit with supply and exhaust and controls. We also manufacture air handling unit casings of a sandwich composite (GRP/FRP Divinycell) which makes it very resistant and lightweight.
GUPEX designs and manufactures large ventilation hoods and duct systems made of plastic sandwich composite (or FRP, GRP, PVC, PP, Steel etc.). These systems are lightweight, corrosions resistant, have low leakage and are well insulated. Hoods are therefore suitable for use over machinery drops from condensation can´t be allowed.

GUPEX references are among pulp and paper industry, metal surface treatment and industrial enterprises, all well suited for our knowledge and products. Some we especially would like to point out are:

Pulp and paper: Holmen Hallstavik, Holmen Wargön, Södra Cell Mönsterås, Billerud Grums, SCA Mölnlycke, SCA Edet and in Norway, Follums Fabrik in Hönefoss, Tofte Papirfabrik on Hurum, and even the Union and Hurums Papierfabrik on Hurum.
Industries: Boliden Rönnskärsverken, SAAB Automobile, Volvo Powertrain, Hydro, Elkem, Falconbrige Nikkelverk.
Surface treatment: Lysekils Varmförzinkning, Gävle Galvan Varmförzinknings, Volvo Aero Corporation, Stantek AS, Kongsvinger